How to Decide Between a New or Used Tow Truck When it’s Time to Buy

Tow trucks far from a cheap purchase. It is an investment to your towing business. Whether you are in the business of automobile repossession, automotive repair or to tow broken down vehicles, the features and performance levels can vary as needed. The obvious difference between a new and used truck generally is pricing. You are going to pay more for a new truck, but you will have less of a chance that it will break down or not operate properly. A used truck may offer you better pricing, but you have to take into consideration how much wear and tear there is on the tow truck and Here are a few tips on how to decide between a new and used tow truck.

A tow truck has many different towing options, but depending on what you need and how you will use is a deciding factor on buying new or used tow trucks for sale. Before making a final decision, take into consideration all the needs you must have. If the newer model has more towing power and that is what you require, then you may want to go with a brand new tow truck. Earlier models have a sling, where new models have a wheel-lift feature. You should be prepared to know exactly what equipment is a must-have before making a tow truck purchase.

Engine Tow
Depending on the jobs you are going to be doing, you need to know how the maximum amount of horsepower you are going to need to get your jobs done. If you don’t have enough power and you are towing very heavy cars, then you may put unnecessary wear and tear on you tow truck. The better the power the more you won’t have to worry about wasting fuel and cutting short the engine and transmission life of your tow truck.

When trying to decide between brand new tow trucks for sale and used tow trucks, you should consider what features they come with. Do you need a downhill braking system? In-cab controls, larger extendible mirrors or overdrive gears? Again, before making a final decision, know all of the important features that you will need to assist you with all of your towing jobs. Buying a tow truck is an investment. Like all investments, you want to weigh out the risks so you don’t lose money in the long run.

Ask Questions
When buying a tow truck, you should come prepared to ask the seller important questions. You should ask details about the maintenance of the vehicle if it is used, and how often it was serviced. Was it involved in any accident and did damage occur? If the used tow truck has a lot of mileage, it may indicate too much wear and tear. Like you would with any vehicle, you should ask for a Carfax report. The Carfax will give details such as previous owners contact information and dates of accidents.